Advices for our clients

If you encounter a problem, stay calm. Estimating the scale of your problem leave to the tax adviser. Don't think about a penalty you would have to pay to the tax office. Tax adviser will find the best solution for your problem. Urgent and not planned visit in the bureau is not the best solution. Tax adviser may be preoccupied with other matters planned for the day or not even be in the bureau. A talk between meetings or unannounced visit in the tax office may not be satisfactory for neither a tax advisor nor you.

Call the tax adviser, explain your problem, and the tax adviser will make a decision if the matter is really urgent and set an appointment with you in the appropriate time.

If you want to commission fiscal and accountant management of your company, prepare yourself. Decide and write down:

  • a type of your business;
  • a type of tax accounting method - revenue ledger, account book, a lump sum;
  • basic parameters - turnover, number of employees, suppliers, paperwork, etc.
  • if there is appointed employee who takes care of your company's paperwork. Is paperwork organized?

    Call the bureau and make an appointment with the tax adviser. Say that you want to commission fiscal and accountant management of your company. The tax adviser, to carefully investigate your company's needs, will tell you what documents you need to start our cooperation.

    During meeting, together with our tax adviser you will discuss the range of the cooperation, make action plan that will optimize fiscal side of your business activities.